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Mr Rakesh

Mr Rakesh

Asst. Professor – Dept. of MCA

Teaching in St. Aloysius College since 2005. Has 7 years of industry experience. Presented more than papers 15 in International Conferencesand more than 12 Papers in National Conferences. Attended more than 12 Faculty Development Programmes conducted by Infosys, EMC2, NITKand Seeveralother Engineering and Business Colleges. Also attended many 15 national conferences, workshops and seminars. More than 20 guest lectures and Individual development programmes and Leadership training camps conducted for students of different colleges. Successfully completed UGC NET in Computer Science and also in Management subject. Areas of Interest includes Big Data Analytics, Relational Database System Management, Computer Networks, IOT etc. Currently Pursuing PhD in the area of Human Resource Management(Tumkur University). Member of BOS and BOE, AIMIT, St. Aloysius College, Counselor for IGNOU since 2005.
Panel member of Manipal Sikkim University (for question paper setting and Moderation), Member of BOE Noorul Islam University, Tamilnadu.Guided many MCA/BE/MBA students. Past president of Lions Club, Member of Canara Chamber of Commerce.